BD Caliper Brake

Nexen's unique BD Air-Spring actuator has two separate air chambers. One is for cycling in the air-engaged mode, and the other air chamber holds a powerful spring in the disengaged mode until a power-off stop or holding mode is needed. The two modes are not used simultaneously to prevent high stress on the brake components.

  1. Cycling (service port) for the air-engaged mode.
  2. Power-off, parking for spring hold-off pressure. Engage the brake with a spring when the air is released.

BD (brute disc) – This caliper brake steps up the clamping force with a design utilizing arms to provide a mechanical advantage for higher clamping force.

  • BD, Air actuated
  • BD, Spring actuated/air released
  • BD, Spring actuated/hydraulic released

    Three models are offered with different caliper widths for various disc thicknesses.

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