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  • Ball Screw Brake and Coupling

    The axial forces created by the thermal expansion of the ball screw can be large enough to preload the brake bearing and cause the device to fail prematurely. To solve that problem, Nexen has developed a spring-engaged, air-released servomotor brake made specifically for ball screws. 

  • BD Caliper Brake

    Nexen's BD Air/Spring actuator has excellent stopping and holding force with three different actuation options to prevent high stress on the brake components. 

  • Nexen’s Rotary Indexers and Inertia

    Nexen’s Rotary Indexers are a great choice for many different applications that require no backlash and precise movment.

  • Nexen’s Roller Pinon Gear

    Learn more about the advantages of using Nexen’sRoller Pinion Gear Systems over belt and chain drives. 

  • NexSafe - Functional safety certified products for Industry 4.0 implementation

    NexSafe Functional Safety certified Rod Locks, Rail Brakes and Servomotor Brakes provide a verified, reliable solution that machine builders can depend on. On-board sensor feedback is also a feature that is beneficial in utilizing Industry 4.0 platforms. 

  • Friction Facing

    Nexen’s vast product lines include clutches, brakes, clutch-brakes, and caliper brakes used in many different types of applications. Learn more about all the options Nexen has to offer.