NexSafe - Functional safety certified products for Industry 4.0 implementation

NexSafe™ designation from Nexen Group, Inc. can mean more than just a system safety. The NexSafe mechanical lock product line can incorporate electrical sensors as a feature to achieve optimum component safety ratings. On-board sensor feedback is also a feature that is beneficial in utilizing Industry 4.0 platforms. Industry 4.0 is the current revolution in improving manufacturing. Feedback data enables manufacturers to apply immediate adjustments on demand. Implementing Industry 4.0 technology can improve response time in manufacturing automation. There is daily efficiency improvement, as well as enhanced long-term production results. NexSafe products are at the forefront of sensor-feedback spring-engaged lock technology ideal for Industry 4.0 manufacturing. To learn more about NexSafe functional safety-certified products for Industry 4.0 implementation, contact Nexen today.