Nexen’s Roller Pinon Gear

The Nexen Roller Pinion System (RPS) revolutionizes linear and rotary motion control possibilities. Giving a fresh face to traditional rack and pinion systems, the RPS overcomes the troublesome limitations of conventional drive systems and offers unmatched performance. Across industries as varied as laser cutting and mining, users will benefit from this new technology's accuracy and 99% efficiency. 

Advantages of using Nexen’s Roller Pinion Gear Systems over belt and chain drives:

  • Accuracy and Repeatability – Better than 2.2 arc sec with premium pinion and high gear ratios
  • Unlimited Diameters – Available in a solid ring up to 0.75 m, Larger gears become segmented
  • Speed – Up to 11 meters per second tangential velocity
  • Efficiency – More than 99% efficient
  • Rigidity – Provides high positional accuracy under heavy loads
  • Noise/Vibration – Nearly silent at low speeds/ less than 75 decibels at high speed
  • Maintenance – Ring gear re-lube every six months; pinion bearings do not need servicing
  • Life – 60,000,000 pinion revolutions

Applications that have successfully used Nexen’s Roller Pinion Gear in their process:

  • Synchronized dual-shaft drive  
  • Programmable indexing tables
  •  Multiple tables orbiting the gear
  • Index table with hallow center column
  • Used in combination with Nexen’s Roller Pinion System rack

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