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Indexer Brakes (6)The I-300 brake is designed for zero backlash holding and emergency stopping, making it ideal for indexers and positioning systems. The spring-engaged, air-released, patented braking element locks and holds the shaft in position without any displacement or reversing of the load. It is flange- or shaft-mounted and has a keyless compression bushing shaft connection for easy installation and IP67-rated when flange-mounted. High torque and short response time ensure the shortest possible stopping distance and precise holding. Brakes can be stacked for additional holding power or redundant braking.

965500I*300,65MM BORE
965502I*300,65MM BORE,KEYED
965504I*300,71MM BORE,SPCL
965507I*300,1.875 BORE,NEMA 284TC INPUT,SPCL
965509I*300,65MM BORE,KEYED,80 PSI,SPCL
965503I*300,71MM BORE,NSB