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Dancer Positions Sensors (2)The DPS dancer arm sensors use a non-contact hall effect design for high accuracy and long life. The detect the dancer arm position and send it to a controller that can adjust the tension on the web or in some cases change the air pressure on a pneumatic cylinder attached to the arm to increase or reduce the pressure on the web.

ProductDescriptionLoad RangeMounting Style
964509POWER SUPPLY,24VDCn/an/a

Diameter Sensors (3)Diameter sensors are used with open loop tension controllers like Nexen's TCD600 to indirectly estimate the web tension based on roll diameter or RPM. Open loop systems tension accuracy is around 5-10% vs a closed loop system being 1-2% so is selected based on the materials sensitivity to tension variation. The RPM sensor consists of a proximity sensor that detects an arm that revolves with the roll shaft. This is the least accurate and/or flexible configuration. An optical encoder can be added to work in conjunction with the proximity sensor to measure the amount of web passing a point in the system improving accuracy and adding flexibility in the materials or thicknesses run. Another sensing method uses an ultrasonic sensor that bounces a a sound wave off the roll diameter to calculate its diameter and uses this to generate a tension.

ProductDescriptionLoad RangeMounting Style
912140ENCODER,W/WHEEL,100 PPR,12 INCHn/an/a

Web Guide Sensors (1)Web guide sensors detect the location of the edge of a moving web and send a signal to a controller like Nexen's AE120 to drive an electric actuator that adjusts the roll or roller angle to keep the web tracking precisely through a process to get consistent results. They can be optical, ultrasonic, or line following types depending on the material.

ProductDescriptionLoad RangeMounting Style

MB Load Cells (11)MB Load Cells are used with closed loop tension controllers to directly measure the tension in a material web and give the highest level of accuraccy. They are used in pairs and support bearings that support a roller the web wraps around putting a force on the load cell pair that translates to a weight.

ProductDescriptionLoad RangeMounting Style
911996MB25B*SENSOR,TENSION,50110 lbsBase Mount
912000MB33A*SENSOR,TENSION,5001100 lbsBase Mount
911991MB11B*SENSOR,TENSION,1022 lbsBase Mount
912609MB05B*SENSOR,TENSION,10,SIDEMT22 lbsSide Or Base Mount
912148MB25A*SENSOR,TENSION,100,50'CABLE,SPCL220 lbsBase Mount
912147MB25A*SENSOR,TENSION,100,30'CABLE,SPCL220 lbsBase Mount
911999MB25A*SENSOR,TENSION,100220 lbsBase Mount
911998MB41*SENSOR,TENSION,10002200 lbsBase Mount
911995MB11A*SENSOR,TENSION,2044 lbsBase Mount
912610MB05A*SENSOR,TENSION,20,SIDEMT44 lbsSide Or Base Mount
911889MB33B*SENSOR,TENSION,300660 lbsBase Mount
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