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Power Capsul (5)

The Power Capsul is a foot mounted air or hydraulic engaged oil bath heavy duty clutch-brake. The oil bath quickly caries heat away from the friction interfaces giving a high thermal performance while reducing wear. It is fully enclosed so ideal for adverse environments. Five sizes are available and capable of up to 40 hp or 4400 inlbs. Thermal dissipation ratings up to 1.75 hp. The three largest models include a cooling circuit that can be connected to an external cooling system to boost thermal performance up to 6.4 hp.
953000PC415PC-415*2.125 SHAFT
952700PC410PC-410*1.625 SHAFT
952500PC408PC-408*1.375 SHAFT
951000PC405PC-405*0.875 SHAFT
950800PC402PC-402*0.750 SHAFT