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Full Gears with External Teeth (26)

Roller Pinion gears with external teeth offer very high levels of rotary accuracy.
ProductDescriptionAngular AccuracyAngular BacklashRepetitive Positioning PrecisionDrive ArrangementOuter DiameterInner DiameterGear Ratio
966589BEARING,CROSS ROLLER,88.0650.06.DD00,SPCLn/an/an/an/an/an/an/a
966833RPS4014G-B0072T/360-EP1U± 14.0 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 2.3 ArcSecExternal Teeth916 mm711 mm5.14:1
966639RPS32G-B0087T/360-EP5U± 14.6 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 2.4 ArcSecExternal Teeth874 mm730 mm7.25:1
966872RPS16G-B0110T/360-EP2U± 20 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 5 ArcSecExternal Teeth548 mm440 mm11:1
966795RPS16G-B0110T/360-EP1U± 20 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 5 ArcSecExternal Teeth549 mm365 mm11:1
966791RPS40G-B0048T/360-EP2U± 21.0 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 3.5 ArcSecExternal Teeth622 mm390 mm4:1
966577RPS25G-B0075T/360-EP2U± 21.5 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 3.6 ArcSecExternal Teeth596 mm460 mm7.5:1
966818RPS4014G-B0042T/360-EP2U± 23.8 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 4.0 ArcSecExternal Teeth551 mm390 mm3:1
966638RPS32G-B0048T/360-EP2U± 26.5 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 4.4 ArcSecExternal Teeth493 mm330 mm4:1
966576RPS25G-B0060T/360-EP2U± 26.9 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 4.5 ArcSecExternal Teeth480 mm330 mm6:1
966565RPS25G-B0050T/360-EP2U,SPCL± 32.3 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 5.4 ArcSecExternal Teeth404 mm246 mm5:1
966575RPS25G-B0050T/360-EP2U± 32.3 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 5.4 ArcSecExternal Teeth404 mm260 mm5:1
966570RPS16G-B0070T/360-EP2U± 36.5 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 6.1 ArcSecExternal Teeth352 mm260 mm7:1
966580RPS25G-B0044T/360-EP5U,SPCL± 36.5 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 6.1 ArcSecExternal Teeth360 mm146 mm4.4:1
966583RPS10G-B0108T/360-IP5U± 37.9 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 6.3 ArcSecInternal Teeth374 mm318 mm10.6:1
966574RPS25G-B0040T/360-EP2U± 40.1 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 6.7 ArcSecExternal Teeth331 mm190 mm4:1
966569RPS16G-B0060T/360-EP2U± 42.5 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 7.1 ArcSecExternal Teeth305 mm190 mm6:1
966593RPS20G-B0044T/360-IP6U,SPCL± 46 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 7.6 ArcSecInternal Teeth378.5 mm254 mm4.4:1
966568RPS16G-B0050T/360-EP2U± 50.9 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 8.5 ArcSecExternal Teeth257 mm160 mm5:1
966588RPS16G-B0048T/360-EP5U,SPCL± 53.4 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 8.9 ArcSecExternal Teeth245 mm110 mm4.8:1
966581RPS16G-B0048T/360-EP5U,SPCL± 53.4 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 8.9 ArcSecExternal Teeth245 mm120 mm4.8:1
966573RPS25G-B0030T/360-EP2U± 53.6 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 8.9 ArcSecExternal Teeth254 mm120 mm3:1
966579RPS25G-B0050T/360-EU5U,SPCL± 53.8 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 10.8 ArcSecExternal Teeth404 mm246 mm5:1
966567RPS16G-B0040T/360-EP2U± 63.4 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 10.6 ArcSecExternal Teeth209 mm120 mm4:1
966566RPS16G-B0030T/360-EP2U± 84.2 ArcSec0.0 ArcSec± 14.0 ArcSecExternal Teeth161 mm70 mm3:1
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