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Maximum Static Clutch Torque : 1900

Number Of Engagement Positions : 91

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5H-S Sprocket Mount Tooth Clutches (3)

Torque capacity up to 3500 In-lbs. @ 80 psi. Maximum Operating Speed up to 4000 rpm. 3 Bore sizes ranging from 0.625 to 1.250 inches. Positive engagement without slippage. Bi-directional operation. Adjustable torque by varying air pressure. Static air pressure operation. Small, lightweight durability. 5 inch or 8.25 inch hose included. 3 Models offer design flexibility: 1 Integral Single Sprocket design and 2 Integral Double/Single Sprocket designs. These clutches are ideal for in-line zoned conveyor applications, as well as other applications that require bi-directional movement.
ProductModelDescriptionBore SizeMaximum Static Clutch TorqueMax RpmNumber Of Engagement Positions
9113125H30S5H30S*0.625 BORE,SPROCKET,NSB0.625 in.1900 inlbs370091
9140905H30S5H30S*0.875 BORE,SPROCKET0.875 in.1900 inlbs370091
9113105H30S5H30S*1.000 BORE,SPROCKET1.000 in.1900 inlbs370091