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Maximum Static Brake Torque : 3750

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8K and 12K Diaphragm Brakes (2)

These drum brakes are ideal for high torque slow speed control Applications. Hinged design for use with removable brake drums. 4, 8 and 12-inch Drum sizes available. Thermal Horsepower rating up to 3.000 HPt. Static Torque capacity up to 3750 In. Lbs. @ 80 psi. Each Model allows you to customize your drum bore. Shaft mounted design. Air Actuated for accurate, economical operation. Long-wearing friction linings. Order Brake and Drum separately.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Static Brake TorqueMaximum Brake Continuous Thermal Dissipation
84570012K*BRAKE,HINGE TOP3750 inlbs3.00 hp
84550012K*BRAKE,W/O BRACKET-DRUM3750 inlbs3.00 hp