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Caliper Brake Discs, Unvented (16)

NON-VENTILATED DISCS, 12 to 24 inch diameter. Discs fit shaft sizes to 3.875 inches. Disc torque factors and working radius vary by type of brake used. Customer supplied QD Bushings are used for shaft attachment and vary by disc.
ProductDescriptionBore SizeBore StyleDisc ThicknessMax Rpm
934208BD*DISC-HUB,12.00 OD,PLAIN,SPCL0.500- 2.312 in.QD Type SF0.50 in.3800
934214BD*DISC-HUB,14.00 OD,1.00,SPCL0.500 - 5.000 in.Straight Unfinished0.50 in.3200
934201BD*DISC-HUB,12.00 OD,PLAIN0.500- 2.312 in.QD Type SF0.50 in.3800
934203BD*DISC-HUB,16.00 OD,PLAIN0.875 - 2.875 in.QD Type E0.50 in.2800
934202BD*DISC-HUB,14.00 OD,PLAIN0.875 - 2.875 in.Straight0.50 in.3200
934207BD*DISC-HUB,24.00 OD,PLAIN1.500 - 3.875 in.QD Type J0.50 in.1900
934205BD*DISC-HUB,20.00 OD,PLAIN1.500 - 3.875 in.QD Type J0.50 in.2200
934206BD*DISC-HUB,22.00 OD,PLAIN1.500 - 3.875 in.QD Type J0.50 in.2200
934204BD*DISC-HUB,18.00 OD,PLAIN1.500 - 3.875 in.QD Type J0.50 in.2500
934217BD*DISC-HUB,14.00 OD,2.25 BORE2.250 in.Straight0.50 in.3200
934237BD*DISC-HUB,24.00 OD,PLAIN,SPCL2.750 - 3.150 in.Climax KLD 3023 Bushing0.50 in.1900
934215BD*DISC-HUB,14.00 OD,2.94 BORE2.938 in.Straight0.50 in.3200
934229BD*DISC-HUB,4.375 BORE,24.00 OD,PLAIN,NSB4.375 in.Straight0.50 in.1900
934230BD*DISC-HUB,4.875 BORE,24.00 OD,PLAIN,NSB4.875 in.Straight0.50 in.1900
934236BD*DISC-HUB,5.438 BORE,24.00 OD,PLAIN,NSB5.438 in.Straight0.50 in.1900
934226BD*DISC-HUB,16.00 OD,PLAIN,65MM BORE65 mmStraight0.50 in.2800
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