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Single Puck Brakes (2)

These light duty drag brakes are perfect for custom applications where space is limited and which do not require a full caliper. 2 Piston sizes, Models 625 & 1000. “O” ring sealed, simple design for light duty tension control applications.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Static Brake TorqueDisc ThicknessMax Rpm
8371000625*CALIPER PUCK,LCO32 inlbsUnlimitedn/a
8370001000*CALIPER PUCK,LCO77 inlbsUnlimitedn/a

TC Caliper Brakes (3)

TC Models - 3 coefficients of friction facings. Diaphragm actuated, spring returned brake for tension control or low cyclic duty applications.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Static Brake TorqueDisc ThicknessMax Rpm
835131TC-L*CALIPER,HALF,LCO288 inlbsUnlimitedNA
835132TC-S*CALIPER,HALF480 inlbsUnlimitedNA
835133TC-H*CALIPER,HALF,HCO617 inlbsUnlimitedNA

BC Caliper Brakes, Air Engaged (5)

BC Model Caliper Brakes provide static torque capacity up to 8800 In. Lbs. @ 80 psi with 24 inch disc. Air actuated caliper spacing is adjustable to fit 0.188 to 1.500 inch wide rotating discs and linear traveling devices. Optional discs available from 16 to 24 inch diameter. Disc Speeds up to 2800 rpm. QD Bushing compatible for shaft sizes up to 3.875 inches. Disc must be ordered separately. QD Bushing is customer furnished. Check with the QD Bushing manufacturer for bushing torque ratings.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Static Brake TorqueDisc ThicknessMax Rpm
835202BC288A*BRAKE,AIR ENGAGED,HCO,PFn/aUnlimitedn/a
835203BC288A*BRAKE,AIR ENGAGED,HCO,NPn/aUnlimitedn/a
835215BC425A*AIR ENGAGED,HICO,SPCLn/aUnlimitedn/a
835200BC288A*BRAKE,AIR ENGAGED,HCO4000 inlbsUnlimitedn/a
835210BC425A*BRAKE,AIR ENGAGED,HCO8800 inlbsUnlimitedn/a