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Spring Engaged VC500 Caliper Brakes (1)

Spring-actuated braking and clamping force for demanding industrial machinery. A torque rating 4785.9 Nm [42,350 in-lb] is maintained throughout the life of the friction facing. Release pressure at 4.1 bar [60 psi]. Spring actuated for safety. Long cycle life; rear linkage design actually increases clamping force as the facings wear. A high-performance unit compact in size to fit into tight spaces on automotive conveyor systems, large converting machines, saw mills, and many other applications. 80% smaller than older models.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Static Brake TorqueDisc Thickness
837463VC500,VECTOR BRAKE,.38 DISC,SPCL43023 inlbs0.375 in.

DBSE Caliper Brakes, Spring Engaged (4)

Torque capacity up to 1200 in-lbs. with a 16" Disc. Brake torque may be doubled or tripled by adding brake calipers. Arc contoured shoe provides large friction area for greater facing life and stability. Mounts in any position with a “T” Bracket. Disc Speeds up to 4500 rpm. Disc Hubs use QD Bushing “SK” for shaft sizes from 0.5 to 2.125 inches/Standard Keyway. Spring return eliminates disc drag when disengaged. The Disc and Hub are ordered separately. QD Bushing is customer furnished.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Static Brake TorqueDisc Thickness
835032DBSE*12 SPRING,HCO,.375 DISC WITH BRACKET2400 inlbs0.375 in.
835042DBSE*6 SPRING,STD,.375 DISC,NO BRACKET,PFn/a0.375 in.
835031DBSE*12 SPRING,HCO,.375 DISC,NO BRACKET,PF2400 inlbs0.375 in.
835035DBSE*14 SPRING,HCO,.375 DISC,NO BRACKET,PF2800 inlbs0.375 in.