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DFB Dual Face Brakes and QFB Quad Face Brakes (8)

This 16-model series of spring engaged, air released brakes are designed for heavy-duty industrial applications requiring high torque and low inertia. Intended for horizontal shaft mounting only. Dual Faced Elements have two interface surfaces; Quad Faced Elements have four interface surfaces. Available with either Standard or High coefficient friction facings. Single or Double Disc Assemblies available. Rugged design ensures long product life. O-ring sealed piston & cylinder design reduces maintenance costs.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Static Brake TorqueMaximum Brake Continuous Thermal DissipationMinimum Release Pressure
964072DFB-1150*BRAKE*1.0006100 inlbs4.10 hp73 psi
964073DFB-1150*BRAKE*1.000,HCO8700 inlbs4.10 hp73 psi
964080QFB-1150*BRAKE*1.50012200 inlbs5.40 hp73 psi
964081QFB-1150*BRAKE*1.500,HCO17400 inlbs5.40 hp73 psi
964045DFB-1150*BRAKE*2.000,HCO,SPCL8700 inlbs4.10 hp73 psi
964270DFB-1150*BRAKE*2.125,HCO,NSB8700 inlbs4.10 hp73 psi
964167QFB-1150*BRAKE*2.188,HCO,NSB17400 inlbs5.40 hp73 psi
964169DFB-1150*BRAKE*2.438,HCO,NSB8700 inlbs4.10 hp73 psi