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ZSE Brakes (4)

ZSE flange mounted, through bore, spring engaged brakes provide true zero backlash, low inertia, and high rigidity for precision holding applications. Rated for more than 2,000,000 holding cycles.
ProductModelDescriptionMaximum Brake Continuous Thermal DissipationMinimum Release Pressure
970502ZSE450ZSE450,0.750 BOREn/a80 psi
970509ZSE450ZSE450,0.750 BORE,SPCLn/a80 psi
970582ZSE450SZSE450S,0.750 BORE,12Xn/a80 psi
970583ZSE450SZSE450S,0.750 BORE,12Xn/a80 psi

S-450 Shaft-Mounted Friction Brakes, Inch (1)

Torque capacity at 80 psi: 440 in-lbs. Maximum Operating Speed up to 1800 rpm. Thermal Horsepower rating of: 0.515 @ 1800 rpm. Heat Sink capacity of 30,000 Ft. Lbs. Standard or Low Coefficient Facings. Standard Bore Size: 1.125 inches. Split friction facings for easy replacement without brake removal or disassembly. Thru-shaft design can be flange mounted or shaft mounted with a torque pin.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Brake Continuous Thermal DissipationMinimum Release Pressure
827808S-450*0.750 BORE,TEF,NO SPRING,SPCL0.26 hpn/a