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S-800 Shaft-Mounted Friction Brakes, Metric (11)

Torque capacity up to: 197 Nm. Maximum Operating Speed up to 1800 rpm. Thermal capacity rating of: 1660W @ 1800 rpm. Heat Sink capacity up to 271,000 joules. Standard Bore Size: 50 millimeters.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Static Brake TorqueMaximum Brake Continuous Thermal Dissipation
828012S-800*21MM BLANK,SEMI-ASSY,METRIC197 Nm1.60 kW
828022S-800*25MM BORE,METRIC,NSB197 Nm1.60 kW
828021S-800*30MM BORE,METRIC,NSB197 Nm1.60 kW
828005S-800*35MM BORE,METRIC197 Nm1.60 kW
828009S-800*38MM BORE,METRIC,SPCL197 Nm1.60 kW
828015S-800*40MM BORE,METRIC,SPCL197 Nm1.60 kW
828016S-800*42MM BORE,METRIC,SPCL197 Nm1.60 kW
828018S-800*45MM BORE,METRIC,NSB197 Nm1.60 kW
828019S-800*50MM BORE,METRIC,LOCO118 Nm1.60 kW
828010S-800*50MM BORE,METRIC197 Nm1.60 kW
828017S-800*50MM BORE,HICO,METRIC,S PCL276 Nm1.60 kW