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FMBES Spring Engaged, Flange Or Foot Mount Brakes (5)

Spring-engaged for holding in power-off conditions. Self-adjusting for friction material wear. Totally eliminates the necessity to shut down for periodic adjustments. No special requirements or additional parts for vertical-mounted applications. Air-released, greater heat-sink capacity for cooler, more reliable performance. Ideal for high-cycle applications. Nickel-plated and sealed for water protection per NEMA standard 1.26.55 (IP54).
ProductDescriptionMinimum Static Brake TorqueBore SizeMinimum Release Pressure
827325FMBES-625CC*200 IN LBS,SPCLn/a200 inlbs0.625 in.30 psi
827344FMBES-875CC*200 IN LBS143TC, 145TC200 inlbs0.875 in.40 psi
827320FMBES-625CC*200 IN LBS56C200 inlbs0.625 in.30 psi
827321FMBES-625EM*200 IN LBSn/a200 inlbs0.625 in.30 psi
827346FMBES-875EM*200 IN LBS*OBSn/a200 inlbs0.875 in.40 psi