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Minimum Release Pressure : 64 psi


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NEMA Flange-Mounted EMB Spring-Set Motor Brakes, Inch (4)

The Nexen flange mounted EMB spring-set motor brake is designed for 1/2—20 HP NEMA C-faced motors. This power-off brake is ideal for use in cycling, emergency stopping and holding applications. Low wear rate on the friction material combined with high thermal capabilities make this Motor Brake ideal for dynamic stopping applications. Spring-set, pneumatic released brakes run cooler and last longer than electrical spring-set brakes.
ProductDescriptionMinimum Release Pressure
965310EMB-1375 MOTOR BRAKE 213/21564 psi
965318EMB-1375 MOTOR BRAKE 213/215,1.125 OUTPUT64 psi
965319EMB-1375 MOTOR BRAKE 213/215 TD,213/215 TC INPUT64 psi
965326EMB-1375 MOTOR BRAKE 213/215 TD,213/215 TC INPUT,SENSOR64 psi