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IEC Flange-Mounted EMB Spring-Set Motor Brakes, Metric (2)

The Nexen flange mounted EMB spring-set motor brake is designed for 1/2—20 HP NEMA C-faced motors. This power-off brake is ideal for use in cycling, emergency stopping and holding applications. Low wear rate on the friction material combined with high thermal capabilities make this Motor Brake ideal for dynamic stopping applications. Spring-set, pneumatic released brakes run cooler and last longer than electrical spring-set brakes.
ProductDescriptionMinimum Static Brake TorqueBore SizeMinimum Release Pressure
965303EMB-230-38,IEC-132S/M FRAME132M, 132S125 Nm38 mm5.5 bar
965305EMB-230-38,IEC-132S/M FRAME,60-PSI REL,SPCL132M, 132S94 Nm38 mm4.1 bar

FMBES Spring Engaged, Flange Or Foot Mount Brakes (1)

Spring-engaged for holding in power-off conditions. Self-adjusting for friction material wear. Totally eliminates the necessity to shut down for periodic adjustments. No special requirements or additional parts for vertical-mounted applications. Air-released, greater heat-sink capacity for cooler, more reliable performance. Ideal for high-cycle applications. Nickel-plated and sealed for water protection per NEMA standard 1.26.55 (IP54).
ProductDescriptionMinimum Static Brake TorqueBore SizeMinimum Release Pressure
827364FMBES-1125CC*420 IN LBS,IEC 100,SPCLn/a420 inlbs38 mm60 psi