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Open and Enclosed Air Engaged Torque Limiters, Metric (7)

12 Models: Torque up to 1350 Nm, Operation Speed up to 2000 rpm, standard bore sizes ranging from 15 to 75 millimeters. Proximity Sensor with 0,91 meters long cord and hardware included on all models. Pulleys, Sprockets, Gears can be attached to the clutch for offset shaft applications. Tapped holes for ease of mounting.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Static Clutch TorqueMinimum Static Clutch TorqueNumber Of Engagement PositionsBore Size
951296TL60A*42MM BORE,AIR,METRIC,SPL1300 Nm186 Nm1 @ 360°42 mm
802944TL60A-E*45MM BORE,AIR,METRIC1300 Nm186 Nm1 @ 360°45 mm
951242TL60A*45MM BORE,AIR,METRIC1300 Nm186 Nm1 @ 360°45 mm
802975TL60A-E*50MM BORE,JS9,AIR,METRIC,SPCL1300 Nm186 Nm1 @ 360°50 mm
803046TL60A-E*50MM BORE,AIR,MET,D10 KWY,19.7 FT CORD,SPCL1300 Nm186 Nm1 @ 360°50 mm
951244TL60A*55MM BORE,AIR,NSB1300 Nm186 Nm1 @ 360°55 mm
803019TL60A2P-E*50MM BORE,AIR,METRIC,NSB1300 Nm186 Nm2 @ 180°50 mm