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Maximum Static Clutch Torque : 2200

Drive Arrangement : Flange Mount, Requires Bearing Support

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4H Flange Mounted Multi Disc Clutches (1)

4H muti-disc flange mounted clutches provide big torque in a small package. Available in 7 sizes with static torque up to 10000 in-lbs at 80 psi, bores up to 2.375 in. More durable, and higher RPM than the LSCC clutch series. The flange/drive shell of this clutch has no support bearing of its own so is supported by what is being driven or can be secured to the machine frame and used as a brake.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Static Clutch TorqueBore SizeDrive ArrangementMax Rpm
9179004H45*1.500 BORE,BASIC2200 inlbs1.500 in.Flange Mount, Requires Bearing Support 1000 @ 80 psi, 1400 @ 70 psi, 1800 @ 60 psi

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