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FMCBES Spring Engaged Clutch-Brakes (2)

FMCBES Flange Mounted Clutch-Brakes come with a spring engaged brake and air engaged clutch. For applications where safety is a concern, this unit will engage the brake in the event of air pressure loss. All units available in either electroless nickel plating or black oxide coating. Meets NEMA standard 1.26.5 (IP54) for waterproof machines. Flange mounts directly to motors and reducers. Compatible with C-face motors up to 1.5 HP.
ProductDescriptionFinishInput Shaft DiameterMinimum Release PressureMax RpmMaximum Static Brake TorqueMaximum Static Clutch TorqueOpen Or Enclosed Design
964416FMCBES-1375*1.375,OPS,IEC 100 INPUT,SPCL213TC, 215TCBlack Oxide28 mm29 psi1800495 inlbs408 inlbsEnclosed
801701FMCBES-1375*1.375,OPS213TC, 215TCBlack Oxide1.375 in.29 psi1800495 inlbs680 inlbsEnclosed