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FMCB ISO B5 Open Flange Mount Air Engaged Clutch-Brakes (1)

Open design provides higher thermal performance for high cycle rate applications in environments that allow it. A cooler running product last longer. Also allows facing life inspections without disassembly. Can be flange mounted to motor and/or reducer, or free standing foot mounted.
ProductModelDescriptionClutch Facing TypeMaximum Static Clutch TorqueMaximum Static Brake TorqueBrake Facing TypeOutput Shaft DiameterOpen Or Enclosed DesignFinishApproximate Clutch Facing LifeApproximate Brake Facing LifeCombined Continuous Thermal DissipationMax Rpm
801613FMCB-7-38FMCB-7-38*38 MMHigh Coefficient110 Nm125 NmHigh Coefficient38 mmOpenBlack Oxide347 kWhr346.8 kWhr0.67 kW1500