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LSCB Conveyor Shaft Mounted Clutch-Brake (11)

Air-engaged, straight-bore, clutch-brakes offer high torque in a small package. The LSCB line is ideal for soft starts on accumulating, chain-driven live-roller, or in-line conveyor applications. With a maximum Clutch torque rating of 2800 in-lbs. and a bore range from 0.500-1.500 in., these products outperform the competition at a lower cost. The LSCB comes standard with a pilot designed for easy sprocket mounting or can be configured for a variety of mounting applications.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Static Brake TorqueMaximum Static Clutch TorqueBore SizeDrive Arrangement
923596LSCB-44-HT*1.000 BORE,20T,#50,DBL/SNGL,SPCL81 inlbs1388 inlbs1.000 in.50/20T Double Row Sprocket
923597LSCB-44-HT*1.000 BORE,20T,#50,DBL/SNGL,NSB81 inlbs1388 inlbs1.000 in.50/20T Double Row Sprocket
923579LSCB-44-HT*1.000 BORE,18T,#60 INT SPRKT81 inlbs1388 inlbs1.000 in.60/18T Double Row Sprocket
923623LSCB-44-HT*1.188 BORE,19T,#60 DBL/SGL81 inlbs1388 inlbs1.000 in.60/19T Double Row Sprocket
923589LSCB-44-HT*1.000 BORE,20T,#60,DBL/SNGL,NSB81 inlbs1388 inlbs1.000 in.60/20T Double Row Sprocket
923584LSCB-44-HT*1.000 BORE,14T/#80 DBL/SNGL,SPCL81 inlbs1388 inlbs1.000 in.80/14T Double Row Sprocket
923571LSCB-44-HT*1.125 BORE,PILOT,CLUTCH/BRAKE(160)81 inlbs1388 inlbs1.125 in.Pilot Mount
923634LSCB-44-HT*1.188 BORE,#50/20T SINGLE,NSB81 inlbs1388 inlbs1.188 in.50/20T Double Row Sprocket
923609LSCB-44-HT*1.188 BORE,PILOT,CLUTCH/BRAKE(160),NSB81 inlbs1388 inlbs1.188 in.Pilot Mount
923629LSCB-44-HT*1.250 BORE,18T,#60 INT SPRKT81 inlbs1388 inlbs1.250 in.60/18T Double Row Sprocket
923608LSCB-44-HT*1.250 BORE,PILOT,CLUTCH/BRAKE(160),NSB81 inlbs1388 inlbs1.250 in.Pilot Mount