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4HP Pilot Mount Multi Disc Clutches (5)

4HP muti-disc pilot mount clutches provide big torque in a small package. Available in 7 sizes with static torque up to 10000 in-lbs at 80 psi, bores up to 2.375 in. Maximum RPM dependent on torque/air pressure setting. The pilot accepts pulleys, sprockets, and Nexen couplings. More durable, and higher RPM than the LSCC clutch series. Ideal for conveyor and other high torque low RPM applications.
ProductDescriptionClutch Facing TypeDrive ArrangementBore Size
9235124H35P*0.938 BORE,PILOT MT,SPCLStandard CoefficientPilot Mount0.938 in.
9235114H35P*1.000 BORE,PILOT MTStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.000 in.
9235004H35P*1.125 BORE,PILOT MTStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.125 Or 1.000 in.
9235014H35P*1.125 BORE,PILOT MT.,SHIELDED BRGS.Standard CoefficientPilot Mount1.125 Or 1.000 in.
9235024H35P*25MM BORE,PILOT MT,NSBStandard CoefficientPilot Mount25 mm