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Max Rpm : "300 @ 5.5 Bar, 400 @ 4.8 Bar, 550 @ 4.1 Bar, 800 @ 3.5 Bar, 1000 @ 2.8 Bar"
Drive Arrangement : 50/19T Double Row Sprocket

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LSCC Pilot Mount Clutches (1)LSCC multi-disc pilot mount clutches provide big torque in a small economical package. Available in 3 sizes with static torque up to 4000 in-lbs at 80 psi, and bores up to 1.5 in. Maximum speed is dependent on the air pressure/torque setting. Pilot Mount accepts pulleys, sprockets, or Single/Double/Double-Single plate sprockets are available up to 80 pitch. Ideal for conveyors and other high torque, low RPM applications.

ProductDescriptionClutch Facing TypeDrive ArrangementBore Size
923607LSCC-32*20MM BORE,19T,#50 DBL/SNGL,NSBStandard Coefficient50/19T Double Row Sprocket20 mm