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FMCE NEMA Flange Or Foot Mounted Enclosed Friction Clutches (1)FMCE NEMA Flange Or Foot Mounted Enclosed Friction Clutches are a compact solution in hostile, dirty environments where only a clutch is required. The totally enclosed design is desirable in areas where dirt, dust, moisture or other contaminants could cause problems for an open frame unit or the release of brake dust cause product quality concerns. Typically mounted between a motor and reducer can also be bolted to only one of these and with the optional input unit and feet allow pulley, sprocket, or coupling input and/or output, or free standing. Available with black oxide, painted, nickel plated, or nickel plated BISSC (Food Grade) exteriors where corrosion is a concern.

ProductModelDescriptionClutch Facing Type
964410FMCE-1375FMCE-1375*1.375Standard Coefficient

MDO Modular Flange Or Foot Mounted Clutches (2)MDO Modular Clutches are ideal for more demanding applications. They offer more torque and open design offers higher thermal ratings than the FM series. Flange mounts directly to NEMA C-face motors up to 10 HP. A drip proof sealing kit is available for wet applications. Optional Foot Mount and Input Units are available for belt, chain, and coupling, drive applications.

ProductModelDescriptionClutch Facing Type
928300MDO-875MDO-875Standard Coefficient
929041MDO-625MDO-625Standard Coefficient