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M-800 Shaft Mounted Clutches, Inch (27)Static torque up to 1365 in-lbs at 80 psi, maximum speed 2600 rpm, transmitted horsepower up to 10 hp, continuous thermal dissipation up to 1 hp, bores up to 1.625". Features sealed ball bearings, and splined hub. Available in pilot mount, integral sheave, and coupling models. Optional disc and caliper brake turns some models into clutch-brakes.

ProductDescriptionClutch Facing TypeDrive ArrangementBore Size
807633M-800*1.375,2'B',05.80 PDStandard Coefficient"2-B, 5.80 in.1.625 in.
807643M-800*1.625,2'B',15.65 PD,SPCLStandard Coefficient"2-B, 15.65 in. PD Sheave"1.625 in.
807634M-800*1.375,2'B',05.80 PD,SPCLStandard Coefficient"2-B, 5.80 in.1.375 in.
807630M-800*1.625,2'B',05.80 PDStandard Coefficient"2-B, 5.80 in.1.625 in.
807640M-800*1.625,2'B',06.80 PDStandard Coefficient"2-B, 6.80 in.1.625 in.
807610M-800*1.625,3-3V,05.30 ODStandard Coefficient"3-3V, 5.30 in.1.625 in.
807620M-800*1.625,3-3V,06.00 ODStandard Coefficient"3-3V, 6.00 in.1.625 in.
807655M-800*1.438,PILOT MOUNTStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.438 in.
807650M-800*1.625,PILOT MOUNTStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.625 in.
807668M-800*1.625,PILOT MOUNT,SPCLStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.625 in.
807675M-800*1.625,PILOT MOUNT,SPCLStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.625 in.
807669M-800*1.125,3-3V,05.30 OD,PREC INT,1/2 T,LCO,SPCLLow Coefficient"3-3V, 5.30 in.1.125 in.
807664M-800*1.375,PILOT MOUNT,LCO,NSBLow CoefficientPilot Mount1.375 in.
807631M-800*1.625,2'B',05.80 PD,LCOLow Coefficient"2-B, 5.80 in.1.625 in.
807611M-800*1.625,3-3V,05.30 OD,LCOLow Coefficient"3-3V, 5.30 in.1.625 in.
807621M-800*1.625,3-3V,06.00 OD,LCOLow Coefficient"3-3V, 6.00 in.1.625 in.
807641M-800*1.625,2'B',06.80 PD,LCOLow Coefficient"3-3V, 6.00 in.1.625 in.
807663M-800*1.438,PILOT MOUNT,LOCOLow CoefficientPilot Mount1.438 in.
807651M-800*1.625,PILOT MOUNT,LCOLow CoefficientPilot Mount1.625 in.
807672M-800*1.125,3-3V,05.30 OD,PREC INT,1/2 TORQ,ULTRA LCO,SPCLUltra Low Coefficient"3-3V, 5.30 in.1.125 in.
807674M-800*1.625,PILOT MOUNT,ULTRA LCOUltra Low CoefficientPilot Mount1.625 in.
807642M-800*1.625,2'B',06.80 PD,HCOHigh Coefficient"2-B, 6.80 in.1.625 in.
807612M-800*1.625,3-3V,05.30 OD,HCOHigh Coefficient"3-3V, 5.30 in.1.625 in.
807632M-800*1.625,2'B',05.80 PD,HCOHigh Coefficient"3-3V, 5.30 in.1.625 in.
807622M-800*1.625,3-3V,06.00 OD,HCOHigh Coefficient"3-3V, 6.00 in.1.625 in.
807661M-800*1.438,PILOT MOUNT,HCOHigh CoefficientPilot Mount1.438 in.
807652M-800*1.625,PILOT MOUNT,HCOHigh CoefficientPilot Mount1.625 in.
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