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DFE/QFE Dual/Quad Plate Clutch Elements (12)Both DFE and QFE models have four sizes and two friction coefficients. DFE models have 12,300 to 151,000 in-lbs. torque at 80 psi; QFE models have 24,600 to 302,000 in-lbs. torque at 80 psi. Maximum operating speed for both models is 800 to 2200 rpm.

ProductDescriptionClutch Facing TypeDrive ArrangementBore Size
964003DFE-1650*ELEMENT*2.000Standard CoefficientFlange Mount2.000 - 4.000 in.
964050DFE-1650*ELEMENT*2.750,SPCLStandard CoefficientFlange Mount2.750 in.
964203DFE-1650*ELEMENT*3.000,NSBStandard CoefficientFlange Mount3.000 in.
964057DFE-1650*ELEMENT*4.000,SPCLStandard CoefficientFlange Mount4.000 in.
964042DFE-1650*ELEMENT*4.250,SPCLStandard CoefficientFlange Mount4.250 in.
964048DFE-1650*ELEMENT*5.125,SPCLStandard CoefficientFlange Mount5.125 in.
964304DFE-1650*ELEMENT*5.500,NSBStandard CoefficientFlange Mount5.500 in.
964004DFE-1650*ELEMENT*2.000,HCOHigh CoefficientFlange Mount2.000 - 4.000 in.
964024DFE-1650*ELEMENT*2.875,HCO,SPLHigh CoefficientFlange Mount2.875 in.
964056DFE-1650*ELEMENT*2.938,HCO,SPLHigh CoefficientFlange Mount2.938 in.
964044DFE-1650*ELEMENT*4.000,HCO,SPLHigh CoefficientFlange Mount4.000 in.
964027DFE-1650*ELEMENT,80 MM,HCO,SPLHigh CoefficientFlange Mount80 mm
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