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Max Dynamic Linear Force Average : 750 N

Approximate Product Life : 2,000,000 Roller Contacts Per Tooth At Rated Accuracy And Max Life Ratings

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Versa Rack (Plastic) (1)

Versa Rack is the ultimate in plastic rack and pinion. With backlash less than 3.2 um and positional accuracy of ± 500 or 580 um depending on pinion selection. The Value pinion is ideal for use with the Versa rack giving the lowest cost system or higher performance can be obtained with any of the premium pinions. Versa rack is great in dirty environments, clean rooms, or food/pharmaceutical production since it can operate without lubrication.
ProductModelDescriptionRack LengthPositional AccuracyRepetitive Positioning PrecisionMaximum SpeedFinish
966861RPS20RPS20R-B1000V1U1000 mm"± 580 µm""± 20 µm"2.0 m/sPlastic

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