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Repetitive Positioning Precision : "± 5 µm"

Maximum Dynamic Torque : 159.2

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Flange Mount ISO Pinions (Stainless Steel W/WO Thin Dense Hard Chrome) (1)

Roller Pinions are used with RPS rack and gear sets. The rollers are bearing supported for very low friction and long lives. A stainless steel body offers higher corrosion resistance. Some provide thin dense hard chrome over the stainless steel for the highest corrosion resistance.
ProductDescriptionRepetitive Positioning PrecisionPilot SizeMaximum Dynamic Torque
966673RPS25P-BISO050.00MMP3"± 5 µm"ISO-9409 Inner Pilot11.995 mm, See Gearhead Fitment Table In Technical Data Sheet In Left Column159.2 Nm

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