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RPS12 Geared Bearings (24)

RPS12 geared bearings.
ProductDescriptionMax Dynamic Torque At Min LifeMax Dynamic Torque At Max LifeMaximum Static TorqueOuter DiameterAngular AccuracyGear RatioMaximum SpeedBearing Number
967224RPS12G-B0110T/360-EP5U,GB228104.5 Nm104.5 Nm157 Nm417 mm± 30 ArcSec11.0:1182 RPM228
967223RPS12G-B0108T/360-EP5U,GB228102.6 Nm102.6 Nm154 Nm409 mm± 31 ArcSec10.8:1185 RPM228
967222RPS12G-B0106T/360-EP5U,GB228100.7 Nm100.7 Nm151 Nm401 mm± 32 ArcSec10.6:1189 RPM228
967221RPS12G-B0104T/360-EP5U,GB22898.8 Nm98.8 Nm148 Nm393 mm± 32 ArcSec10.4:1192 RPM228
967220RPS12G-B0102T/360-EP5U,GB22896.9 Nm96.9 Nm145 Nm387 mm± 33 ArcSec10.2:1196 RPM228
967219RPS12G-B0100T/360-EP5U,GB22895.0 Nm95.0 Nm143 Nm379 mm± 34 ArcSec10.0:1200 RPM228
967218RPS12G-B0098T/360-EP5U,GB22893.1 Nm93.1 Nm140 Nm371 mm± 34 ArcSec9.8:1204 RPM228
967217RPS12G-B0096T/360-EP5U,GB22891.2 Nm91.2 Nm137 Nm365 mm± 35 ArcSec9.6:1208 RPM228
967216RPS12G-B0094T/360-EP5U,GB22889.3 Nm89.3 Nm134 Nm357 mm± 36 ArcSec9.4:1213 RPM228
967215RPS12G-B0092T/360-EP5U,GB17887.4 Nm87.4 Nm131 Nm349 mm± 37 ArcSec9.2:1217 RPM178
967214RPS12G-B0090T/360-EP5U,GB17885.5 Nm85.5 Nm128 Nm343 mm± 37 ArcSec9.0:1222 RPM178
967213RPS12G-B0088T/360-EP5U,GB17883.6 Nm83.6 Nm125 Nm335 mm± 38 ArcSec8.8:1227 RPM178
967212RPS12G-B0086T/360-EP5U,GB17881.7 Nm81.7 Nm123 Nm327 mm± 39 ArcSec8.6:1233 RPM178
967211RPS12G-B0084T/360-EP5U,GB17879.8 Nm79.8 Nm120 Nm321 mm± 40 ArcSec8.4:1238 RPM178
967210RPS12G-B0082T/360-EP5U,GB17877.9 Nm77.9 Nm117 Nm313 mm± 41 ArcSec8.2:1244 RPM178
967209RPS12G-B0080T/360-EP5U,GB17876.0 Nm76.0 Nm114 Nm305 mm± 42 ArcSec8.0:1250 RPM178
967208RPS12G-B0078T/360-EP5U,GB17874.1 Nm74.1 Nm111 Nm297 mm± 43 ArcSec7.8:1256 RPM178
967207RPS12G-B0076T/360-EP5U,GB14872.2 Nm72.2 Nm108 Nm291 mm± 44 ArcSec7.6:1263 RPM148
967206RPS12G-B0074T/360-EP5U,GB14870.3 Nm70.3 Nm105 Nm283 mm± 45 ArcSec7.4:1270 RPM148
967205RPS12G-B0072T/360-EP5U,GB14868.4 Nm68.4 Nm103 Nm275 mm± 47 ArcSec7.2:1278 RPM148
967204RPS12G-B0070T/360-EP5U,GB14866.5 Nm66.5 Nm100 Nm269 mm± 48 ArcSec7.0:1286 RPM148
967203RPS12G-B0068T/360-EP5U,GB12464.6 Nm64.6 Nm97 Nm261 mm± 49 ArcSec6.8:1294 RPM124
967202RPS12G-B0066T/360-EP5U,GB12462.7 Nm62.7 Nm94 Nm253 mm± 51 ArcSec6.6:1303 RPM124
967201RPS12G-B0064T/360-EP5U,GB12460.8 Nm60.8 Nm91 Nm247 mm± 52 ArcSec6.4:1313 RPM124
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