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BTBA Tension Brakes (5)

BTBA Tension Brakes provide high thermal performance by integrating a cooling fan and guard in a compact package. They offer up to four unique torque ranges to meet a wide range of tension control needs.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Brake Continuous Thermal DissipationBore SizeMaximum Dynamic Torque With All CalipersDirection Of Rotation
927409BTBA-10*1.250,LCO,NSB5.60 kW1.250 in.1546 inlbsBidirectional
927524BTBA-12*1.250,LCO5.60 kW1.250 in.1546 inlbsBidirectional
927544BTBA-12*1.250,LCO,24VDC5.60 kW1.250 in.1546 inlbsBidirectional
927408BTBA-10*1.250,STD FACING5.60 kW1.250 in.3092 inlbsBidirectional
927523BTBA-12*1.250,STD FACING7.50 kW1.250 in.5200 inlbsBidirectional

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