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STC Tension Control Clutches (11)The STC 600 and 940 Clutches allow superior torque control for web tensioning with Nexen’s line of patented tension control clutches. Three different sized piston sets can be actuated singly, or in any combination for a large number of torque-to-air pressure ranges. This unique design provides precise torque control without the problems associated with operating at low air pressures.

ProductDescriptionMaximum Clutch Continuous Thermal DissipationMaximum Dynamic TorqueBore SizeMaximum # Of CalipersMax Rpm
927227STC940*1.125 BORE3.00 hp3170 inlbs1.125 in.32400
927228STC940*1.188 BORE3.00 hp3170 inlbs1.188 in.32400
927229STC940*1.250 BORE3.00 hp3170 inlbs1.250 in.32400
927230STC940*1.375 BORE3.00 hp3170 inlbs1.375 in.32400
927283STC940*1.438 BORE,NSB3.00 hp3170 inlbs1.438 in.32400
927231STC940*1.500 BORE3.00 hp3170 inlbs1.500 in.32400
927232STC940*1.625 BORE3.00 hp3170 inlbs1.625 in.32400
927233STC940*1.750 BORE3.00 hp3170 inlbs1.750 in.32400
927234STC940*1.875 BORE3.00 hp3170 inlbs1.875 in.32400
927211STC940*1.938 BORE3.00 hp3170 inlbs1.938 in.32400
927226STC940*1.938 BORE,SPCL3.00 hp3170 inlbs1.938 in.32400
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