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BC Caliper Brakes, Spring Engaged (1)

Static torque capacity up to 5300 In. Lbs. with 24 inch disc, Spring Actuated, Caliper spacing is adjustable to fit .188 to 1.500 inch rotating discs and linear traveling devices. Optional discs available from 16 to 24 inch diameter. Disc Speeds up to 2800 rpm. QD Bushing compatible, for shaft sizes up to 3.875 inches. Adjustable shoe provides greater facing life. Spring engaged with manual release. Facing adjustment allows full torque capacity throughout facing use.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Static Brake TorqueDisc Thickness
835013DB*CALIPER,LESS DISC,0.750 DISCn/a0.750 in.

BD Caliper Brakes, Air Actuated (2)

Air actuated actuators mount on either side of the brake. Air connections can be rotated 360 degrees around actuator axis. Multiply stopping power by installing more than one caliper brake per disc. Shoes are mounted with detent pins for quick replacement. Caliper spacing fits 0.500 inch wide discs. SPC shoes fit on BD Model Caliper Brakes for longer life and higher peak input rate. All pivot points have life lubricated bearings. Disc Speeds up to 3200 rpm with 14 inch discs. QD Bushing compatible, for shaft sizes to 3.875 inch.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Static Brake TorqueDisc Thickness
933629BD*BRAKE,AIR ACTUATE,.75,LCO13570 inlbs0.750 in.
933502BD*BRAKE,AIR/SPRING ACTUATED,SPC SHOES,.7519000 inlbs0.750 in.