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TSE-1000 Spring-Engaged Brakes, Inch (2)

These spring engaged, air disengaged brakes come with: open spring sockets that allow you to add or remove springs to fit your torque needs, tapered bore to accept QD Bushings for mounting flexibility, single plate finned friction discs provide high heat dissipation, high dynamic torque capacity to ensure fast load response, split friction facing for easy replacement without brake removal or disassembly, flow restrictor valve controls, and disengagement air to prevent shock load on brake components.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Static Brake TorqueMaximum Brake Continuous Thermal DissipationMinimum Release Pressure
822561TSE-1000*QD'E',10 SPRING3700 inlbs3.00 hp90 psi
822551TSE-1000*QD'E' ,10 SPRING,SPCL3700 inlbs3.00 hp90 psi