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Bore Size : 1.375

Minimum Release Pressure : 40 psi


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Spring Engaged Flange Mounted Friction Brakes (5)

Spring-engaged brakes provide protection to equipment when fast, dependable stops are required for non-cyclic applications. Restrictor valve controls exhaust air during engagement, ensuring a smooth stop. 3 moving parts insure durability and dependability. Mounting flexibility–NEMA C-Flange mount or Shaft mount capability. Not intended for vertical mount. No dynamic thrust load on bearings when unit is engaged. No thrust load, or virtually no radial load, when unit is disengaged and motor is running.
ProductDescriptionBore SizeMinimum Release Pressure
808300SE1000-1*1.375 BORE1.375 in.40 psi
808301SE2000*1.375 BORE1.375 in.40 psi
808342SE1000-1*1.375 BORE,SPCL1.375 in.40 psi
808343SE1000-1*1.375 BORE,SPCL1.375 in.40 psi
812775SE1000-1*1.375 BORE,LCO1.375 in.40 psi