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Air Champ II Shaft Mounted Clutch-Brakes (4)

The BCB-275 and FCB-450 are combination clutch-brakes. MUST BE MOUNTED ON THE DRIVENSHAFT ONLY. Sheave Mount unit comes with 1-“3V” Groove sheave. 2 Pilot Mount units offer standard bore sizes of 0.500 and 0.625 inches. For in-line applications, select the optional coupling half. Single piston engagement to eliminate clutch and brake overlap. Fits up to 2,2 kW, 3 HP drive motors. Easy retrofitting of existing Nexen clutch-brakes; pilot dimensions are identical to the original Nexen clutch-brake series.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Static Brake TorqueMaximum Static Clutch TorqueBore SizeMax RpmDrive Arrangement
830853MCB-800*1.125,PILOT MOUNT,NSB1100 inlbs1100 inlbs1.125 in.1800Pilot Mount
830855MCB-800*1.375,PILOT MOUNT,NSB1100 inlbs1100 inlbs1.375 in.1800Pilot Mount
830850MCB-800*1.500,PILOT MOUNT1100 inlbs1100 inlbs1.500 in.1800Pilot Mount
830858MCB-800*25MM,PILOT MOUNT,NSB1100 inlbs1100 inlbs25 mm1800Pilot Mount

Air Champ 1 Shaft Mounted Clutch-Brakes (22)

The HWCB is a clutch and a brake combined into a single unit. Static Torque capacity up to: 2800 In. Lbs. @ 80 psi (brake), 2600 In. Lbs. @ 80 psi (clutch). Maximum Operating Speed up to 1800 rpm. Thermal Horsepower ratings of 1.25 (clutch); 2.23 (brake). THESE CLUTCH-BRAKES MUST BE MOUNTED ON THE DRIVEN SHAFT. Brake housing must not be mounted rigidly. 3-“5V” or 3-“B” Groove sheave. Pilot Mount bore sizes of: 1.688 and 1.875 inches.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Static Brake TorqueMaximum Static Clutch TorqueBore SizeMax RpmDrive Arrangement
830812MWCB*1.438,PILOT MOUNT,HICO1260 inlbs840 inlbs1.437 in.1800Pilot Mount
832904HWCB*1.875,PILOT MOUNT,LCO1680 inlbs1560 inlbs1.875 in.1800Pilot Mount
828901LWCB*1.000,PILOT MOUNT,LCO240 inlbs210 inlbs1.000 in.1800Pilot Mount
832913HWCB*1.688,PILOT MOUNT2800 inlbs2600 inlbs1.688 in.1800Pilot Mount
832900HWCB*1.875,PILOT MOUNT2800 inlbs2600 inlbs1.875 in.1800Pilot Mount
832941HWCB*1.875,PILOT MOUNT,NP2800 inlbs2600 inlbs1.875 in.1800Pilot Mount
832902HWCB*1.875,PILOT MOUNT,HICO,SPCL2800 inlbs3640 inlbs1.875 in.1800Pilot Mount
832907HWCB*1.875,PILOT MOUNT,HCO3920 inlbs3640 inlbs1.875 in.1800Pilot Mount
827111FWCB*0.750,PILOT MOUNT400 inlbs100 inlbs0.750 in.1800Pilot Mount
827112FWCB*0.750,PILOT MOUNT W/SPCL CLAMP COLLAR400 inlbs100 inlbs0.750 in.1800Pilot Mount
827100FWCB*0.875,PILOT MOUNT400 inlbs100 inlbs0.875 in.1800Pilot Mount
828900LWCB*1.000,PILOT MOUNT400 inlbs350 inlbs1.000 in.1800Pilot Mount
828942LWCB*1.000,PILOT MOUNT,NP400 inlbs350 inlbs1.000 in.1800Pilot Mount
828904LWCB*25MM,PILOT MOUNT,NSB400 inlbs350 inlbs25 mm1800Pilot Mount
830801MWCB*1.500,PILOT MOUNT,LCO540 inlbs360 inlbs1.500 in.1800Pilot Mount
827101FWCB*0.875,PILOT MOUNT,HICO,SPCL560 inlbs140 inlbs0.875 in.1800Pilot Mount
828907LWCB*1.000,PILOT MOUNT,HCO560 inlbs490 inlbs1.000 in.1800Pilot Mount
830811MWCB*1.438,PILOT MOUNT900 inlbs600 inlbs1.437 in.1800Pilot Mount
830800MWCB*1.500,PILOT MOUNT900 inlbs600 inlbs1.500 in.1800Pilot Mount
830841MWCB*1.500,PILOT MOUNT,NP,SPCL900 inlbs600 inlbs1.500 in.1800Pilot Mount
830803MWCB*30MM,PILOT MOUNT,NSB900 inlbs600 inlbs30 mm1800Pilot Mount
830802MWCB*1.500,PILOT MOUNT,C-HCO/B-STD900 inlbs840 inlbs1.500 in.1800Pilot Mount
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