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XHW Shaft Mounted Clutches (14)Torque up to: 5000 in-lbs. at 80 psi. maximum speed 1200 rpm, transmitted power up to 50 hp, continuous thermal dissipation up to 2.25 hp. Features sealed ball bearings and splined hub. Available in pilot mount, integral sheave, and coupling models.

ProductModelDescriptionClutch Facing TypeDrive ArrangementBore Size
810906XHWXHW*2.250,2'C'GROOVE,12.50 OD,SPCLStandard Coefficient"2-C, 12.50 in.2.250 in.
810904XHWXHW*2.250,2'C'GROOVE,15.50 OD,SPCLStandard Coefficient"2-C, 15.50 in.2.250 in.
810905XHWXHW*2.250,3'C'GROOVE,12.75 OD,NSBStandard Coefficient"3-C, 12.75 in.2.250 in.
810903XHWXHW*2.250,4'C'GROOVE,12.25 OD,SPCLStandard Coefficient"4-C, 12.25 in.2.250 in.
811000XHWXHW*2.375,4'C' GRV,08.60 PDStandard Coefficient"4-C, 8.60 in.2.375 in.
811001XHWXHW*2.5625,4'C' GRV,08.60PD,NSBStandard Coefficient"4-C, 8.60 in.2.563 in.
810902XHWXHW*1.875,5-5V GRV,08.00 OD,NSBStandard Coefficient"5-5V, 8.00 in.1.875 in.
810900XHWXHW*2.375,5-5V GRV,08.00 ODStandard Coefficient"5-5V, 8.00 in.2.375 in.
810901XHWXHW*2.500,5-5V GRV,08.00 OD,NSBStandard Coefficient"5-5V, 8.00 in.2.500 in.
811106XHWXHW*1.750,PILOT MOUNT,NSBStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.750 in.
811102XHWXHW*1.938 BORE,PILOT,NSBStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.938 in.
811100XHWXHW*2.375,PILOT MOUNTStandard CoefficientPilot Mount2.375 in.
811105XHWXHW*2.438,PILOT MOUNT,NSBStandard CoefficientPilot Mount2.438 in.
811103XHWXHW*2.500,PILOT MOUNT,NSBStandard CoefficientPilot Mount2.500 in.
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