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Ball Screw Brakes (7)

The Nexen Ball Screw Brake is a high-torque, spring-engaged brake acting on the machined end of a ball screw. It serves as a primary or redundant safety brake to prevent back driving if a power loss or mechanical defect occurs in the driveline. The low backlash and coupling combination provides a high degree of accuracy for holding ball screw position. An expanding shaft/clamping hub coupling connects the brake shaft to the end of the ball screw. This coupling comes with an elastomer insert with high torsional stiffness.
ProductModelDescriptionBore SizeMinimum Static Brake TorqueInput Pilot O.D.
965048BSB07BSB-7-1.125-130.0-15-215-NO-STD1.125 in.125 Nm130.0 mm
964940BSB05BSB-5-23.0-131.0-165.0-12.0-NO-STD16 - 32 mm45 Nm131.0 mm
964881BSB 04 And 05BSB-4/5,COUPLING,17MM BORE,KEYED17 mmn/an/a
965040BSB07BSB-7-30.0-130.0-215.0-15.0-NO-STD20 - 35 mm125 Nm130.0 mm
964882BSB 04 And 05BSB-4/5,COUPLING,25MM BORE,KEYED25 mmn/an/a
964640BSB02BSB-2-10.0-52.0-63.0-6.3-NO-STD5 - 12.7 mm2 Nm52.0 mm
964740BSB03BSB-3-13.0-50.0-95.0-7.0-NO-STD,SPCL6 - 16 mm5 Nm50.0 mm

Ball Screw Brake Couplings (27)

ProductModelDescriptionBore SizeMinimum Static Brake TorqueInput Pilot O.D.
964743BSB03BSB-3,COUPLING,.312 BORE,NSB0.312 in.n/an/a
964642BSB02BSB-2,COUPLING,.406 BORE0.406 in.n/an/a
964742BSB03BSB-3,COUPLING,0.500 BORE0.500 in.n/an/a
964869BSB 04BSB-4,COUPLING,.500,BORE0.500 in.n/an/a
964744BSB03BSB-3,COUPLING,0.625 BORE0.625 in.n/an/a
964875BSB 04 And 05BSB-4/5,COUPLING,0.750 BORE,KEYED0.750 in.n/an/a
964868BSB 04 And 05BSB-4/5,COUPLING,0.875 BORE0.875 in.n/an/a
964854BSB 04 And 05BSB-4/5,COUPLING,1.000 BORE1.000 in.n/an/a
965043BSB07BSB-7,COUPLING,1.000 BORE1.000 in.n/an/a
964863BSB 04 And 05BSB-4/5,COUPLING,1.125 BORE1.125 in.n/an/a
965046BSB07BSB-7,COUPLING,1.375 BORE1.375 in.n/an/a
964643BSB02BSB-2,COUPLING,10MM BORE10 mmn/an/a
964840BSB04BSB-4-23.0-96.0-115.0-10.0-NO-STD12 - 32 mm22 Nm96.0 mm
964872BSB 04BSB-4,COUPLING,12MM BORE12 mmn/an/a
964741BSB03BSB-3,COUPLING,14MM BORE14 mmn/an/a
964876BSB 04 And 05BSB-4/5,COUPLING,18MM BORE18 mmn/an/a
964862BSB 04 And 05BSB-4/5,COUPLING,19MM BORE19 mmn/an/a
964841BSB 04 And 05BSB-4/5,COUPLING,20MM BORE20 mmn/an/a
964847BSB 04 And 05BSB-4/5,COUPLING,20MM BORE,KEYED20 mmn/an/a
965044BSB07BSB-7,COUPLING,20MM BORE20 mmn/an/a
964859BSB 04 And 05BSB-4/5,COUPLING,23MM BORE23 mmn/an/a
965045BSB07BSB-7,COUPLING,25MM BORE25 mmn/an/a
965047BSB07BSB-7,COUPLING,26MM BORE26 mmn/an/a
965041BSB07BSB-7,COUPLING,30MM BORE30 mmn/an/a
964870BSB 04 And 05BSB-4/5,COUPLING,30MM BORE30 mmn/an/a
965042BSB07BSB-7,COUPLING,35MM BORE35 mmn/an/a
964641BSB02BSB-2,COUPLING,8MM BORE8 mmn/an/a
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