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5HP Pilot Mount Tooth Clutches, Inch (6)

Torque up to 14650 In-lbs. @ 80 psi. Maximum speed up to 4000 rpm. Bore sizes up to 3.938 in. Pilot mount accepts pulleys, sprockets, and couplings. Couplings available in single and double flex for shaft coupling applications. Positive engagement without slippage. These clutches are ideal for in-line zoned conveyor applications, as well as other applications that require bi-directional movement.
ProductModelDescriptionBore SizeMaximum Static Clutch TorqueMax RpmNumber Of Engagement Positions
9131045H100P5H100P-1*2.938 BORE,PILOT,NSB2.938 in.58600 inlbs1000328
9131095H100P5H100P-1*3.000 BORE,PILOT,NSB3.000 in.58600 inlbs1000328
9131025H100P5H100P-1*3.125 BORE,PILOT,SPCL3.125 in.58600 inlbs1000328
9131055H100P5H100P-1*3.437 BORE,PILOT,NSB3.438 in.58600 inlbs1000328
9131115H100P5H100P-1*3.625 BORE,PILOT,NSB3.625 in.58600 inlbs1000328
9131005H100P5H100P-1*3.938 BORE,PILOT3.938 in.58600 inlbs1000328