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5H-SE and 5HP-SE Spring Engaged Tooth Clutches (4)

Spring-engaged. Air-released. Instantaneous Torque up to 72,000 in-lbs. Maximum Operating Speed up to 3,700 rpm. Bore sizes up to 3.938. Positive engagements in multiple positions. Immediate start-up with no slippage. Versatile mounting capability for bearing supported pulley, sprocket or gear. Use Single and Double Flexible Couplings in-line applications to accommodate misalignment. Designed with tapped mounting holes. Sealed, radial ball bearings. Thru-shaft mounting design uses a full-length keyway. 8.25 inch hose included.
ProductModelDescriptionBore SizeMaximum Static Clutch TorqueMax RpmNumber Of Engagement Positions
9071065H50-SE5H50-SE*1.250 BORE,BASIC,SPCL1.250 in.8230 inlbs3000152
9103045H50PSE5H50PSE*1.500 BORE,PILOT,SPCL1.500 in.8230 inlbs3000152
9071015H50-SE5H50-SE*1.750 BORE,BASIC,SPCL1.750 in.8230 inlbs3000152
9103235H50PSE5H50PSE*1.750 BORE,PILOT,SPCL1.750 in.8230 inlbs3000152