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FMCE Flange Or Foot Mounted Clutches (4)

FMCE Flange Mounted Clutches are excellent in hostile, dirty environments where only a clutch is required. The totally enclosed design functions perfectly in areas where dirt, dust, moisture or other contaminants interfere.
ProductModelDescriptionMaximum Static Clutch TorqueClutch Facing TypeFrame SizeMax RpmOutput Shaft DiameterOpen Or Enclosed DesignBore SizeFinish
964410FMCE-1375FMCE-1375*1.3751050 inlbsStandard Coefficient213TC, 215TC1800n/aEnclosed1.375 in.Black Oxide
801489FMCE-625FMCE-625*0.625190 inlbsStandard Coefficient56C1800n/aEnclosed0.625 in.Black Oxide
801493FMCE-875FMCE-875*0.875290 inlbsStandard Coefficient143TC, 145TC1800n/aEnclosed0.875 in.Black Oxide
964409FMCE-1125FMCE-1125*1.125575 inlbsStandard Coefficient182TC, 184TC1800n/aEnclosed1.125 in.Black Oxide