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L-600 Shaft Mounted Clutches, Inch (7)

Static torque up to: 518 in-lbs at 80 psi, maximum speed 3600 rpm, transmitted power up to 10 hp, continuous thermal dissipation up to 0.75 hp, bores up to 1.188". Features sealed ball bearings and splined hub. Available in pilot mount, integral sheave, and coupling models. Optional disc and caliper brake turns some models into clutch-brakes.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Static Clutch TorqueClutch Facing TypeMax RpmDrive ArrangementBore SizeOpen Or Enclosed DesignFinish
805212L-600*1.125,2-3V,04.50 OD,HCO518 inlbsHigh Coefficient3600"2-3V, 4.50 in.1.125 in.OpenBlack Oxide
805222L-600*1.125,2-3V,05.30 OD,HCO518 inlbsHigh Coefficient3600"2-3V, 5.30 in.1.125 in.OpenBlack Oxide
805232L-600*1.125,2-3V,06.00 OD,HCO518 inlbsHigh Coefficient3600"2-3V, 6.00 in.1.125 in.OpenBlack Oxide
805242L-600*1.125,2-3V,08.00 OD,HCO518 inlbsHigh Coefficient3600"2-3V, 6.00 in.1.125 in.OpenBlack Oxide
805252L-600*1.125,2'A',04.40 PD,HCO518 inlbsHigh Coefficient3600"2-A, 4.40 in.1.125 in.OpenBlack Oxide
805262L-600*1.125,2'A',05.40 PD,HCO518 inlbsHigh Coefficient3600"2-A, 5.40 in.1.125 in.OpenBlack Oxide
805272L-600*1.125,PILOT MOUNT,HCO518 inlbsHigh Coefficient3600Pilot Mount1.125 in.OpenBlack Oxide