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M-800 Shaft Mounted Clutches, Metric (6)

Static torque up to 126 Nm at 5.5 bar, maximum speed 3600 rpm, transmitted power up to 7.5 kW, continuous thermal dissipation up to 0.75 kW, bores up to 40 mm. Features sealed ball bearings and splined hub. Available in pilot mount models only.
ProductDescriptionMaximum Static Clutch TorqueClutch Facing TypeMax RpmDrive ArrangementBore SizeOpen Or Enclosed DesignFinish
950261M-800*18MM BLANK,PILOT MT,MTRC90 NmStandard Coefficient1800Pilot Mount18 - 41 mmOpenBlack Oxide
950256M-800*28MM BORE,PILOT,METRIC,SPCL90 NmStandard Coefficient1800Pilot Mount28 mmOpenBlack Oxide
950254M-800*30MM,PILOT MT,METRIC,SPL90 NmStandard Coefficient1800Pilot Mount30 mmOpenBlack Oxide
950253M-800*35MM,PILOT MT,METRIC,NSB90 NmStandard Coefficient1800Pilot Mount35 mmOpenBlack Oxide
950258M-800*38MM,PILOT,METRIC,NSB90 NmStandard Coefficient1800Pilot Mount38 mmOpenBlack Oxide
950250M-800*40MM,PILOT MT,METRIC90 NmStandard Coefficient1800Pilot Mount40 mmOpenBlack Oxide