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Finish : Machined Aluminum

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B-275 Shaft Mounted Clutches, Inch (4)

Static torque up to 100 in-lbs at 80 psi, maximum speed 3600 rpm, transmitted power up to 1.0 hp, continuous thermal dissipation up to 0.13 hp, bores up to 0.625". Features sealed, ball bearings and splined hub. Available in pilot mount, integral sheave, and coupling models.
ProductDescriptionClutch Facing TypeDrive ArrangementBore Size
802873B-275*0.625,1-3V GRV,02.75 ODStandard Coefficient"1-3V, 2.75 in.0.625 in.
802872B-275*0.625,1'A' GRV,03.00 PDStandard Coefficient"1-A, 3.00 in.0.625 in.
802871B-275*0.500,PILOT MOUNTStandard CoefficientPilot Mount0.500 in.
802870B-275*0.625,PILOT MOUNTStandard CoefficientPilot Mount0.625 in.

L-600 Shaft Mounted Clutches, Metric (1)

Static torque up to 58.5 Nm at 5.5 bar, maximum speed 3600 rpm, transmitted power up to 7.5 kW, continuous thermal dissipation 0.56 kW, bores up to 30 mm. Features sealed ball bearings and splined hub. Available in pilot mount models only.
ProductDescriptionClutch Facing TypeDrive ArrangementBore Size
950703BW*14MM BORE,PILOT MT,MTRC,TEFLON,SPCLTeflon (Very Low) CoefficientPilot Mount14 mm

LSCC Pilot Mount Clutches (87)

LSCC multi-disc pilot mount clutches provide big torque in a small economical package. Available in 3 sizes with static torque up to 4000 in-lbs at 80 psi, and bores up to 1.5 in. Maximum speed is dependent on the air pressure/torque setting. Pilot Mount accepts pulleys, sprockets, or Single/Double/Double-Single plate sprockets are available up to 80 pitch. Ideal for conveyors and other high torque, low RPM applications.
ProductDescriptionClutch Facing TypeDrive ArrangementBore Size
923621LSCC-44*25MM BORE,PILOT,METRIC,NSBStandard CoefficientPilot Mount25 mm
923590LSCC-44*28MM BORE,PILOT,METRICStandard CoefficientPilot Mount28 mm
923644LSCC-44*1.125 BORE,33/47T,#50 DBL/SNGL SPROCKETStandard Coefficient"1, 50/33T Single & 1, 50/47T Single Sprockets"1.125 in.
923632LSCC-44*1.000 BORE,#40/23T SINGLE,NSBStandard Coefficient40/23T Single Row Sprocket1.000 in.
923586LSCC-44*1.000 BORE,24T/#40,DBL/SNGLStandard Coefficient40/24T Double Row Sprocket1.000 in.
923556LSCC-44*1.000 BORE,19T,#50 INTEGRAL SPROCKETStandard Coefficient50/19T Double Row Sprocket1.000 in.
923568LSCC-44*1.000 BORE,#50/20T DBL/SNGL SPRKTStandard Coefficient50/20T Double Row Sprocket1.000 in.
923567LSCC-44*1.000 BORE,#50/20T SINGLE,NSBStandard Coefficient50/20T Single Row Sprocket1.000 in.
923619LSCC-44*1.188 BORE,#50/20T SINGLE,NSBStandard Coefficient50/20T Single Row Sprocket1.188 in.
923587LSCC-44*1.125 BORE,22T,#50 DBL/SNGL SPROCKETStandard Coefficient50/22T Double Row Sprocket1.125 in.
923595LSCC-44*1.125 BORE,25T/#50 SINGLE,NSB,SPCLStandard Coefficient50/22T Single Row Sprocket1.125 in.
923643LSCC-44*1.125 BORE,33T,#50 DBL/SNGL SPROCKETStandard Coefficient50/33T Double Row Sprocket1.125 in.
923563LSCC-44*1.000 BORE,18T,#60 INT SPRKTStandard Coefficient60/18T Double Row Sprocket1.000 in.
923628LSCC-44*1.250 BORE,19T,#60,DBL/SNGL SPRKTStandard Coefficient60/19T Double Row Sprocket1.250 in.
923581LSCC-44*1.188 BORE,#60/21T DBL/SNGL SPRKTStandard Coefficient60/21T Double Row Sprocket1.188 in.
923631LSCC-44*1.125 BORE,#60/21T SINGLE,NSBStandard Coefficient60/21T Single Row Sprocket1.125 in.
923569LSCC-44*1.188 BORE,#60/21T SINGLE,NSBStandard Coefficient60/21T Single Row Sprocket1.188 in.
923585LSCC-44*1.000 BORE,14T/#80 DBL/SNGLStandard Coefficient80/14T Double Row Sprocket1.000 in.
923555LSCC-44*1.000 BORE,PILOT,SPCLStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.000 in.
923557LSCC-44*1.000 BORE,PILOT,NSBStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.000 in.
923630LSCC-44*1.000 BORE,PILOT,SPCLStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.000 in.
923562LSCC-44*1.125 BORE,PILOT,NSBStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.125 in.
923554LSCC-44*1.188 BORE,PILOT,NSBStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.188 in.
923550LSCC-44*1.250 BORE,PILOTStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.250 in.
923649LSCC-44*1.250 BORE,PILOT,SPCLStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.250 in.
923640LSCC-44*30MM BORE,PILOT,NSBStandard CoefficientPilot Mount30 mm
923620LSCC-44*32MM BORE,PILOT,NSBStandard CoefficientPilot Mount32 mm
923604LSCC-54*1.250 BORE,PILOT,NSBStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.250 in.
923615LSCC-54*1.375 BORE,PILOT,NSBStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.375 in.
923646LSCC-54*1.375 BORE,PILOT,SPCLStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.375 in.
923588LSCC-54*1.4375 BORE,PILOTStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.438 in.
923576LSCC-54*1.500 BORE,PILOTStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.500 in.
923617LSCC-54*35MM BORE,PILOT,NSBStandard CoefficientPilot Mount35 mm
923607LSCC-32*20MM BORE,19T,#50 DBL/SNGL,NSBStandard Coefficient50/19T Double Row Sprocket20 mm
923603LSCC-32*20MM BORE,19T/#50 SINGLE,METRICStandard Coefficient50/19T Single Row Sprocket20 mm
923622LSCC-32*20MM BORE,PILOT,METRICStandard CoefficientPilot Mount20 mm
923647LSCC-32*20MM BORE,PILOT,METRIC,SPCLStandard CoefficientShaft Coupling20 mm
923605LSCC-32*0.750 BORE,26T/#40 SINGLEStandard Coefficient40/26T Single Row Sprocket0.750 in.
923583LSCC-32*0.875 BORE,26T/#40 SINGLEStandard Coefficient40/26T Single Row Sprocket0.875 in.
923566LSCC-32*0.750 BORE,#50,18T DBL/SNGLStandard Coefficient50/18T Double Row Sprocket0.750 in.
923582LSCC-32*0.875 BORE,19T/#60 SINGLEStandard Coefficient60/19T Single Row Sprocket0.875 in.
923564LSCC-32*0.625 BORE,PILOT,NSBStandard CoefficientPilot Mount0.625 in.
923565LSCC-32*0.750 BORE,PILOT,NSBStandard CoefficientPilot Mount0.750 in.
923553LSCC-32*0.875 BORE,PILOTStandard CoefficientPilot Mount0.875 in.
923606LSCC-44*1.250 BORE,PILOT,SPCLStandard CoefficientPilot Mount1.250 in.
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