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Cylinder-Mount, NFPA Rod Locks (4)Nexen’s Rod Locks provide precision holding with no backlash and high accuracy in demanding applications. These spring-engaged, air-released units have very low backlash and have E-stop capability. The Rod Lock’s large clamping surface ensures high clamping/holding force with minimal rod wear. Holding force can be increased further by stacking multiple Rod Locks together. The rod locks are sealed and IP67 and NEMA 4X rated. Some models offer a manual release feature that allows releasing it without air pressure. Available with a bare brushed aluminum or black anodized finish which offers some corrosion resistance.

All of these Rod Locks can be built Safety Certified

ProductDescriptionRod SizeMounting StyleCylinder SizeHolding ForceManual Release FeatureSensor Connector & Cable LengthSensor Type & Location
966383SAFE-RLSS*800-138-C-A-MR1.375 in.Pneumatic Cylinder Mount8.000 in.5026 lbsYesNoneNone
966384SAFE-RLSS*800-175-C-A-MR1.750 in.Pneumatic Cylinder Mount8.000 in.5026 lbsYesNoneNone
966393SAFE-RLSSB*800-250-C-A2.500 in.Pneumatic Cylinder Mount8.000 in.4020 lbsNoNoneNone
966388SAFE-RLSS*800-250-C-A-MR2.500 in.Pneumatic Cylinder Mount8.000 in.4020 lbsYesNoneNone