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RBB Rail Brakes (25)

RBB series Rail Brakes provide spring engaged/air released holding on profile guide rails (square rails) by clamping on the non bearing surfaces of the guide rail so has no impact on the guide rails performance. This brake can provide limited non-cyclic dynamic braking including E-stops. The unique design uses multiple redundant air/spring chambers to apply force on the rail through dual wedge and roller mechanisms, providing low backlash, accurate positioning, and high reliability. This advanced design offers the highest performance guide rail holding solution and makes a great redundant braking solution to other types of braking systems especially in vertical applications.
ProductDescriptionSizeManufacturerSeriesHolding ForceMinimum Release Pressure
968224RB20B-S/P-S-IKO-LRX,64 PSI RELEASE20IKOLRX640 N4.4 bar
968226RB25B-S/P-S-IKO-LWH,SPCL25IKOLWH1000 N5.5 bar
968116RB30B-S/P-S-IKO-LRX30IKOLRX1300 N5.5 bar
968117RB30B-S/P-S-IKO-LWE30IKOLWE1300 N5.5 bar
968115RB30B-S/P-S-IKO-LWH30IKOLWH1300 N5.5 bar
968134RB15B-S/P-S-IKO-LRX15IKOLRX500 N5.5 bar
968129RB20B-S/P-S-IKO-LRX20IKOLRX800 N5.5 bar
968160RB25B-S/P-S-IKO-LRX25IKOLRX1000 N5.5 bar
968173RB35B-S/P-S-IKO-LRX35IKOLRX1600 N5.5 bar
968182RB45B-S/P-S-IKO-LRX45IKOLRX2600 N5.5 bar
968253RBL55B-S/P-S-IKO-LRX55IKOLRX2600 N5.5 bar
968258RBL65B-S/P-S-IKO-LRX65IKOLRX3400 N5.5 bar
968133RB15B-S/P-S-IKO-LWE15IKOLWE500 N5.5 bar
968128RB20B-S/P-S-IKO-LWE20IKOLWE800 N5.5 bar
968159RB25B-S/P-S-IK0-LWE25IKOLWE1000 N5.5 bar
968172RB35B-S/P-S-IKO-LWE35IKOLWE1600 N5.5 bar
968183RB45B-S/P-S-IKO-LWE45IKOLWE2600 N5.5 bar
968196RB15B-S/P-S-IKO-LWH,SPCL15IKOLWH500 N5.5 bar
968132RB15B-S/P-S-IKO-LWH15IKOLWH500 N5.5 bar
968127RB20B-S/P-S-IKO-LWH20IKOLWH800 N5.5 bar
968158RB25B-S/P-S-IKO-LWH25IKOLWH1000 N5.5 bar
968171RB35B-S/P-S-IKO-LWH35IKOLWH1600 N5.5 bar
968184RB45B-S/P-S-IKO-LWH45IKOLWH2600 N5.5 bar
968254RBL55B-S/P-S-IKO-LWH55IKOLWH2600 N5.5 bar
968259RBL65B-S/P-S-IKO-LWH65IKOLWH3400 N5.5 bar
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