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Size 25 RBB Rail Brakes (25)

RBB series Rail Brakes provide spring engaged/air released holding on profile guide rails (square rails) by clamping on the non bearing surfaces of the guide rail so has no impact on the guide rails performance. This brake can provide limited non-cyclic dynamic braking including E-stops. The unique design uses multiple redundant air/spring chambers to apply force on the rail through dual wedge and roller mechanisms, providing low backlash, accurate positioning, and high reliability. This advanced design offers the highest performance guide rail holding solution and makes a great redundant braking solution to other types of braking systems especially in vertical applications.
ProductModelDescriptionSizeManufacturerSeriesHolding ForceMinimum Release Pressure
968226RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-IKO-LWH,SPCL25IKOLWH1000 N5.5 bar
968233RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-NOOK-NHRC/NARC25Nook"NARC,NHRC"1000 N5.5 bar
968235RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-ROLLON-MRRO25RollonMRRO1000 N5.5 bar
968161RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-HIWIN-HGR25HIWINHGR900 N5.5 bar
968160RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-IKO-LRX25IKOLRX1000 N5.5 bar
968159RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-IK0-LWE25IKOLWE1000 N5.5 bar
968158RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-IKO-LWH25IKOLWH1000 N5.5 bar
968154RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-INA-KUSE25INAKUSE1000 N5.5 bar
968155RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-INA-KUVE25INAKUVE1000 N5.5 bar
968216RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-LINTECH-HRC25LintechHRC1000 N5.5 bar
968213RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-NOOK-NH2525NookNH1000 N5.5 bar
968157RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-NSK-LH25NSK"LH, NH"1000 N5.5 bar
968156RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-NSK-LS25NSK"LS, NS"1000 N5.5 bar
968202RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-PMI-MSA25PMIMSA1000 N5.5 bar
968112RB25BRB25B-S/P-ROCKFORD-RPG25RockfordRPG1000 N5.5 bar
968162RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-SCHNEEBERGER-MR25SchneebergerMR1000 N5.5 bar
968153RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-STAR-18XX25"SKF, Star, Bosch""SKF(LLRHS.. LA, SA), Star(18.. 05, 07)"1000 N5.5 bar
968152RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-STAR-16XX25"SKF, Star, Bosch""SKF(LLRHS.. A), Star(16.. 05, 07, 45, 47)"1000 N5.5 bar
968121RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-SKF-LLTHR25"SKF, Star, Bosch"SKF(LLTHR)1000 N5.5 bar
968209RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-TBI-TRH25TBITRH1000 N5.5 bar
968130RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-THK-HSR25THKHSR1000 N5.5 bar
968150RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-THK-SHS25THKSHS1000 N5.5 bar
968189RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-THK-SHS,56 PSI RELEASE25THKSHS700 N3.9 bar
968151RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-THK-SR25THKSR900 N5.5 bar
968126RB25BRB25B-S/P-S-THK-SRG25THKSRG1000 N5.5 bar
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RBM Manually Operated Rail Brakes (7)

RBM series Rail Brakes provide manually engaged holding on profile guide rails (square rails) by clamping on the non bearing surfaces of the guide rail so has no impact on the guide rails performance. Simple installation, zero backlash, corrosion resistant stainless steel construction. Very simple design, easy to see mode indication. Fits most common profile guide rail manufactures and series.
ProductModelDescriptionSizeManufacturerSeriesHolding ForceMinimum Release Pressure
968533RBM25RBM25-IKO-LWE25IKOLWE400 Nn/a
968534RBM25RBM25-IKO-LWH25IKOLWH400 Nn/a
968536RBM25RBM25-NSK-NH25NSKNH400 Nn/a
968535RBM25RBM25-NSK-NS25NSKNS400 Nn/a
968532RBM25RBM25-THK-HSR25THKHSR400 Nn/a
968530RBM25RBM25-THK-SHS25THKSHS400 Nn/a
968531RBM25RBM25-THK-SR25THKSR400 Nn/a