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Servo Motor Brakes, Size 2 (4)

Nexen has an Eclipse brake for every servo motor. Flanges range in size from 57 mm [2.25 in] up to 265 mm [10.43 in] square with shaft diameters from 6,35 mm [0.25 in] up to 48 mm [1.89 in]. Brake torque is four times that of servo motor internal brakes and ranges from 2,25 Nm [20 in-lb] to 125 Nm [1100 in-lb].These low inertia brakes provide the holding power needed for every application.
ProductDescriptionBore SizeOutput Shaft DiameterInput Bolt CircleOutput Bolt CircleMinimum Static Brake TorqueOutput Pilot O.D.Port Size
964610SBP2-9.0-020-040-5.21-063-9.0-NO-STD,CC9 mm9 mm63 mm63 mm2.3 Nm40 mm0.125 NPT
964615SBP2-9.0-020-040-5.21-063-9.0-NO-STD,CC9 mm9 mm63 mm63 mm2.3 Nm40 mm0.125 NPT
964625SBP2-9.0-020-040-5.21-063-9.0-NO-STD,CC9 mm9 mm63 mm63 mm2.3 Nm40 mm0.125 NPT
964612SBP2-9.0-025-050-5.21-063-9.0-NO-STD,CC9 mm9 mm70 mm63 mm2.3 Nm40 mm0.125 NPT